I cannot operate if any of my key equipment such as copper heating elements, pumps, compressors and heat exchangers are damaged. Our policy can cover all of your business equipment, including glass hydrometers, against “All Risks”. Breakdown cover can also be purchased for an additional sum.
If I had to change my copper or mash tuns due to a fire it would be expensive because the installation would need to be made through the roof. Our policy covers erection and installation of machinery costs automatically.
I have made various improvements to my rented premises. Tenant’s Improvements can be included in our policy wording.
Some bottling of my beer is subcontracted to one of the larger brewers. I am concerned as to whether my product and
packaging is insured at these locations.
Our policy insures your bottles (and casks) whilst they are at a third party’s premises any where in Great Britain and NI and our claims settlements are based on the contract price that you agreed for your beer rather than your production costs for stock sold but not delivered.
Much of my brewery equipment has been sourced from other breweries and dairies and is old. Would I be penalised financially by insurers if I replaced the equipment with new equipment following a fire? If replacement equipment is only available at a higher specification then no deduction is made for betterment. You would not be asked to make any additional contribution.
My Computer keeps my Gyle records which I need for HM Revenue & Customs. Are they included? Computers are insured against “All Risks” and you can opt to insure your additional costs to reinstate your software and records for an additional premium.
I hire a fork lift truck, can that be covered? Our policy can insure all types of hired plant and insure your hiring liability that you accept under the hire contract.
I also own some Public Houses through which I sell most of my beer. Pubs can be incorporated into our policy very easily as another insured premise for buildings, contents, stock and revenue.
If my brewery suffered damage, for example following a fire, and my drains become blocked as a result then that would be a significant problem for me. Our policy includes cover for drain clearance where the blockage was due to insured damage.
My casks and hand pumps are located in various locations and sometimes it is difficult to keep track of where they are – at pubs, storage warehouses, beer festivals and other breweries. Our Property insurance is not restricted to the brewery location – cover applies automatically at other locations. Policy cover applies automatically for your property at third party premises anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
I help out my fellow local brewers and often have their casks and beer on my premises. Our coverage includes property for which you are responsible including that owned by others.


I deliver all of my beer myself rather than use beer wholesalers. We provide Goods In Transit Insurance as a core coverage of our offering for transits using your own vehicles.
My hops and malt are often at farms, storage warehouses and other breweries. As with casks, our Property insurance is not restricted to the brewery premises. Cover applies automatically for your property at third party premises anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
I brew more beer in the weeks ahead of Christmas so will I have to pay more premium for a higher sum insured during this period? No, because our policy includes a seasonal stock increase clause which automatically increases your stock sum insured by 25% for the period 1 November to 10 January annually.
To guarantee a competitive price and availability, I buy my hops up to a year in advance. Our cover will pay you for these mandatory (due to contract) purchases under the Business Interruption cover even though you may not be able to use them due to insured damage e.g. a fire or flood at the brewery.


I encourage visitors to tour my brewery and I sell food and drink packages. I also sell my bottled beer at farm and food fairs and sell my spent hops and grain for animal feed to farms. The description of your insured activities automatically extends to include brewery tours and participation in beer festivals, exhibitions, sales of your goods in your own and others shops, farmers markets and food fairs and also caters for sale of waste products for animal feed.
I worry that if we had a fire which halted production we would lose all of our customers to competitors. Our Business Interruption insurance includes not just protection of your profit but help and assistance to allow you to consider contract brewing of your products elsewhere. It also pays all your staff wages and retaining your sales staff enables you to keep your customers while you rebuild your business.
I am thinking about selling beer to supermarkets which could increase my revenue significantly and quickly. Our business interruption cover can automatically cater for growth in your business by up to a third. A premium adjustment may be necessary.
I have a temporary bar so I can sell my beer at various events. Can I insure the cash taken? Yes, our policy has a money section with various sums insured to insure your cash taken at events.


I have been using the same strain yeast for years but worry if it was to become contaminated. Our policy extends to include your loss of revenue arising from yeast contamination while you re-grow your yeast culture from the National Collection of Yeast Cultures or other source.
I use the mains water supply and have to “Burtonise” it and worry about sudden stoppage or contamination. Our policy extends to include your loss of profit arising from brewing liquor contamination and will pay your loss of profit if the supply is interrupted. We also cover loss of profit following closure or reduction in output due to instructions of any statutory authority following accidental leakage of sewage
or ullage.
I make a range of products including lagers and keg beers as well as real ale. We can offer you an insurance for loss of product and revenue due to breakdown of your fermenters and conditioning tanks which results in deterioration of these products (Deterioration of Stock).


I sell most of my beer to some loyal publicans and I buy most of my hops from one local hop grower. I worry about my dependency on these vital relationships. Our policy extends to cover your loss of revenue if any of your key customers and
suppliers suffer a fire or other insured damage at their premises.For larger brewers we can also offer access to Credit insurance so you can protect all of your debt from your customers.
I need a Premises License to sell alcohol in my pubs. Our policy offers Loss of License cover though the policy will not pay for claims due to your own intentional acts, errors or omissions.
If my business suffers a flood I would need to spend money quickly to clean the premises and ask my staff to work overtime. Our policy covers your increased costs of working following insured damage to get you back to brewing quickly.
My brewery is down a narrow lane to an industrial estate. Access could be a problem if there were an accident. If access to your premises is denied as a result of damage in the vicinity of your premises or on orders of the police or local authority, your loss of profit is
protected under our policy.
I sell bottled beer to supermarkets but am concerned at the costs of recalling my products if they were contaminated during the brewing process. For larger brewers we can provide Product Contamination and Recall insurance – see our separate leaflet. This provides not only for Recall costs but also for the cost of rehabilitating your brand following an insured incident.


I employ staff varying from brewers, warehousemen, administrators, sales to driving staff. Our policy can insure your legal liability for injury to your employees which satisfies your legal obligation to hold Employers Liability.
I have various visitors to my brewery and they could slip or fall and hold me responsible. Cover is available to insure Public Liability covering your legal liability for injury to your visitors and damage to their property.
I read about the issue of Corporate Manslaughter and the new legislation. Am I protected? Our insurance will provide the defence costs (including costs incurred for an appeal) should you be prosecuted. This also applies to visitors to your premises or other persons not employed by you.
If one of my drivers causes an accident and damages my plant and equipment how is this covered? You can include Comprehensive motor insurance in our policy and your Plant and Equipment is insured against All Risks.
I sell some bottled beer overseas so need to send my staff abroad on sales visits. We can provide you with Travel insurance to suit your needs and Personal Accident insurance for your key staff wherever they go in the world.


The above is only a summary and does not list all of our policies’ extensions or policy sums insured and limits – please refer to Willis for all terms conditions and exclusions, including any excesses which you will need to pay in the event of a claim on the policy. Some elements of the policy cover referred to are optional and will attract an additional charge. There is an onus on you to ensure that your sums insured are adequate and reflective of the costs required to replace, reinstate and install your property. If your sums insured are inadequate then you may only receive a proportion of the amount claimed for in proportion to the amount of underinsurance.