I cannot operate if any of my key equipment such as copper heating elements, pumps, compressors and heat exchangers are damaged. Our policy can cover all of your business equipment, including glass hydrometers, against “All Risks”. Breakdown cover can also be purchased for an additional sum.
If I had to change my copper or mash tuns due to a fire it would be expensive because the installation would need to be made through the roof. Our policy covers erection and installation of machinery costs automatically.
I have made various improvements to my rented premises. Tenant’s Improvements can be included in our policy wording.
Some bottling of my beer is subcontracted to one of the larger brewers. I am concerned as to whether my product and
packaging is insured at these locations.
Our policy insures your bottles (and casks) whilst they are at a third party’s premises any where in Great Britain and NI and our claims settlements are based on the contract price that you agreed for your beer rather than your production costs for stock sold but not delivered.
Much of my brewery equipment has been sourced from other breweries and dairies and is old. Would I be penalised financially by insurers if I replaced the equipment with new equipment following a fire? If replacement equipment is only available at a higher specification then no deduction is made for betterment. You would not be asked to make any additional contribution.
My Computer keeps my Gyle records which I need for HM Revenue & Customs. Are they included? Computers are insured against “All Risks” and you can opt to insure your additional costs to reinstate your software and records for an additional premium.
I hire a fork lift truck, can that be covered? Our policy can insure all types of hired plant and insure your hiring liability that you accept under the hire contract.
I also own some Public Houses through which I sell most of my beer. Pubs can be incorporated into our policy very easily as another insured premise for buildings, contents, stock and revenue.
If my brewery suffered damage, for example following a fire, and my drains become blocked as a result then that would be a significant problem for me. Our policy includes cover for drain clearance where the blockage was due to insured damage.
My casks and hand pumps are located in various locations and sometimes it is difficult to keep track of where they are – at pubs, storage warehouses, beer festivals and other breweries. Our Property insurance is not restricted to the brewery location – cover applies automatically at other locations. Policy cover applies automatically for your property at third party premises anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
I help out my fellow local brewers and often have their casks and beer on my premises. Our coverage includes property for which you are responsible including that owned by others.

“Our policy covers the basics of your buildings, machinery and stock and gross profit but there are extensions which tailor the cover to your risks.”

If you have any questions about the WILLIS BREW integrated insurance and risk management solution for brewers and breweries please call Andy Clarke or Matt Bryan of Clarke Dove (Insurance Brokers) Ltd. on 0115 9620855.