I have been using the same strain yeast for years but worry if it was to become contaminated. Our policy extends to include your loss of revenue arising from yeast contamination while you re-grow your yeast culture from the National Collection of Yeast Cultures or other source.
I use the mains water supply and have to “Burtonise” it and worry about sudden stoppage or contamination. Our policy extends to include your loss of profit arising from brewing liquor contamination and will pay your loss of profit if the supply is interrupted. We also cover loss of profit following closure or reduction in output due to instructions of any statutory authority following accidental leakage of sewage
or ullage.
I make a range of products including lagers and keg beers as well as real ale. We can offer you an insurance for loss of product and revenue due to breakdown of your fermenters and conditioning tanks which results in deterioration of these products (Deterioration of Stock).

“Our policy covers the basics of your buildings, machinery and stock and gross profit but there are extensions which tailor the cover to your risks.”

If you have any questions about the WILLIS BREW integrated insurance and risk management solution for brewers and breweries please call Andy Clarke or Matt Bryan of Clarke Dove (Insurance Brokers) Ltd. on 0115 9620855.